Tuesday, 8 February 2011

This Is What We Want - Action #2

Ahhhhh, such a classic example of why this title is so fondly remembered, why it's a classic, and why it was SO much better than anything the American publishers were putting out at the time.
Its great enough to have rollicking romps from the likes of Dredger and Hellman - this beautiful Mike Dorey page is worth the price of admission alone - but we also get two of the most iconic panels ever from Hookjaw. This colour one i used to study for hours, revelling in its gory greatness.
Oddly, despite all the ultra-violence on offer, just a pained "Aieee!" from a bad guy getting hot coals in his mush courtesy of Dredger.

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The Bronze said...

Indeed an AWSOME panel. Will stay with me 4ever.