Friday, 4 February 2011

Johnny Red - finished

Well, that was a treat of a read and no mistake.Been struck by how similiar it is to Charlies War, with the many instances of hideous cruelty depicted to the regular soldiers by the powers that be.
And also what Garth Ennis noted in the forward - Johnny's Hurricane don't 'arf get knocked about. Seems every other episode has it having a chunk blown off or being pranged yet again. Can't be much of it that's original by the end of the book.
Another thing to note is how Joe's realism in his art didn't just go into hardware, uniforms and battle scenes. Take a look at Johnny at the start, then 6 months later at the end of the book and there on his face is all that's endured, an adult and not a boy.
Stunning stuff.

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