Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Johnny Red - Not hanging around

Blimey, talk about hit the ground running.
First page of the first episode has only five panels. In the tiny amount of space we've found ourselves in the middle of a German attack on an Allied convoy, seen that the only Hurricane can't launch because its frozen to its launch rail, been introduced to Johnny Redburn, learn his nicknames "Red" and we get a flashback to how he's aboard rather than flying in the RAF.
In 5 panels.
Over the first 4 episodes, only 3 pages long, we get Johnny saving the convoy, fly off to find somehere to land, meet up with the Falcon's, fights with them and join them.
All in just 12 pages. Like i say, blimey.
Really miss this breakneck style of storytelling these days, where everything seems to either have a backstory you need to know to understand, or the tales told over multiple titles.
Know what i prefer.
Of note, of course, is Joe's STUNNING art with his trademark unique, gritty characters (Yakob's face especially so here) and brilliant action sequences already in place long before Charlies War.

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