Sunday, 16 January 2011

Getting Major Easy out of a scrape

Long term readers may remember me having a look at part one of an Easy tale in which, at the end, rather than threating to shoot the fella, the Nazi commander chose to tie him upside-down on the bonnet of his field car and drive him into a wall.
Typically barmy stuff - but how does he get out of it?
Taken a long time to get round to tracking down part two, but finally have it in me mitts.
And the resolutions just as offbeat - the Agent Easy's working with shoots the driver, making the car veer away from the wall and come to a stop. Easy asks the obvious: "You do realise the car might not have swerved?" To which the agent has the brilliant comeback: "Don't worry Major. If it hadn't, I'd have shot you before you hit the wall".
One panel that sums up why i love these tales so.
Interesting to see in this episode the rare instance of violence towards women as Easy knocks out the agent so she'll get on the plane. Its handled delicately, with his fist not anywhere near her face and actually looks redrawn - the hand, and especially the thumb, seem to have much thicker lines than the rest of the panel.
Also of note is Carlos's strangely attractive females. I can't quite put me finger on it why they appear odd. Thinking though that maybe the faces are a tad too long and the mouths are the same as the mens? Certainly distinctive though.

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