Saturday, 12 July 2008

Smash annual 1973

Thought i'd have a re-read of this this morning.

Along with The Swots And The Blots, the highlight for me are the two Janus Stark strips.

The first is odd in that its in colour. Its a nice tale - but colour REALLY doesn't suit the strip - part of the strips appeal is the moody b/w artwork, evocative of its Victorian setting. Doing away with it takes something away from the strip i feel.

Much better is the second strip, back to black and white and set in India.

And here we have a couple of classic Janus moments, squeezing through gaps far too narrow for a human to fit though.

I remember from my childhood the oft-uttered phrase "... the pain..." as he underwent his trial, but its only now as an adult that its occured to me that he gets through the gaps with his hat on. Ha!

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Thanks for all these wonderful scans Manga Max!Oh,plug time...have started a new blog...bit of a departure for archive of Steve Conley's AST series..go here my friend!

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