Thursday, 31 July 2008

Look In

Bit of a diversion here - and also a ponder:

Just HOW much pocket money was i getting???????????????

Aside from the titles already covered, i was also regularly getting Mighty World Of Marvel, Dracula Lives, Planet Of The Apes, Spectacular Spiderman (and all the other Marvel variants that followed) a lot of humour titles, Plop!, Mad, Dez Skinn's horror mags and Look In.

Look In was great.

Could've done without all the Gary Glitter, Sweet, Bay City Rollers stuff, ditto the How? and Magpie features.

No, the sole reason for getting was the extra adventures of my then TV heroes, be it the Six Million Dollar Man, Tomorrow People, Catweazle, Space 1999 etc.

Seemingly always drawn by John Burns, an artist that has always left me cold.

But it didn't matter - here were further adventures, long after the shows had stopped and very often with plotlines far more ambitous than the show that spawned the strip could've hoped to attempt.

Posted a pic here of Kung Fu here not because i liked it or the show but even now, 34 years after the event, i can still feel the deep misery of getting the issue with the free medallion only losing it on the way to school and having to stand there in the playground while everyone else ran around with theirs.

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Captain Storm said...

Absolutely loved Catweasle,the show that is.Of course I have a thing for medieval sorcerers as you well know! :-) BTW,have you checked out my new blog yet?
The Cap.