Monday, 12 January 2015

Lion and Thunder 24th July 1971 - educational

Lion and Thunders cover feature of "The Mighty Ones" featuring all manner of massive, gigantic, impressive and, er, mighty things now turns to the shrew.
Yep, the humble shrew. Words like massive, mighty and impressive don't exactly spring to mind when considering the lil' fella but, according to this cover, if one was tiger sized it would be the most feared and ferocious animal on the planet.
Well, yes - apparently not only does it have a "shark jaw", it can eat an animal ten times its size and eats more than its own body weight every day.
Turning the cover stunned from that revelation, nothing else really matches.
Black Max is a bit of a so-so episode, but we do get one of those classic pages with a massive amount going on in each panel of the page, along with a terrific portrait of Max, clearly showing his Boris Karloff insperation:

Adam Eterno starts off with the Big Guy landing in the time of the Caveman, finding it out by being flattened by a mammoth:

And for three pages we get the standard routine of Adam taking sides in two warring factions, but now with more bear skins, and looks like it will play out in the usual manner we've become accustomed to.
Except at the end of page three, the bad clan pull laser guns and start mowing folk down. Adam might be a bit dim but recognises a "ray gun" when he sees one and, turning the page, we find out why - aliens are behind it all. For me, this is the first time a SF concept has featured in Adam Eterno other than the time travelling angle, and it'll be interesting to see where this story goes and if its a one-off.

"AIEEEE!" WATCH: Finally! A not-quite-there "AAIEE!" from a right drama queen of a caveman, who expells it at the sight of the mammoth landing on our hero.

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