Thursday, 31 January 2013

Back with some Action

Okay, lets go to the polar opposite with the next post - Action dated 14th August 1976.
We're getting close to cancellation at this point, and the cracks are beginning to show. Not from the themes and tone, which are as strong as ever (and would lead inevitably to the titles downfall), but art-wise. "Dredger" hasn't got bad art, just a really duff tale that's dated badly - the Germans are still our enemies and it plays out like a WW2 drama. Instantly forgettable. "Green's Grudge War" is not much better story-wise, but i react the same way now as i did back then, Belardinelli' stunning work sure makes you sit up and pay attention. Any strip he worked on i'd read, just to marvel at the talent on show:
"Hookjaw" was almost at the bottom art-wise at this point, and the colouring sure didn't help. Its a shame Strip magazine has ceased re-running the tales, as i'd loved to have seen what changes they'd have made to this tale. But, ignoring the art, the tale is fantastic - some poor sod is trapped on a remote control shark that Hookjaws chasing. The big beastie first destroys the robot, then takes off the poor schmo's legs before swallowing him whole in front of Mason. Mason's response is hilarious - a guys just been eaten about six feet in front of him and, rather than swimming away as fast as he can while his nemesis is busy chewing, he floats there shouting "Hookjaw, you monster... One day i'll kill you!"
The other thing of note this time is from "Death Game 1999", where Taggart finally has his showdown with his foe Rico. And it ends very oddly - no battle to the death here, just Joe watching Rico slowly drown:
"AIEEEE" WATCH: Surprisingly, none.

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Big D said...

I was always a big fan of Belardinelli as well. I never knew he worked outside of 2000ad though.