Sunday, 19 February 2012

The return of the Visible Man

How nice to read the 35th birthday issue of 2000AD (many congrats there Tharg) and to find the Visible Man in there for a one-off.
Except it sure doesn't read like one.
Pat Mills really seems to be setting in place Frank's return proper, all ready for an ongoing series - if not, then why go to the lengths of having Frank's capsule return to Earth splashing down off the coast of East Anglia, directly into the sunken city of Dulwich, described here by Pat as "Britain's Atlantis"?
If it truly was a one-off, any old pond would've done, yes?
Anyway, it was a fantastic read, a real thrill to have one of my old-time favourites back (how i remember painting up and making "realistic" my Visible Man model kit into Frank), by far the best thing in this special issue, with top-notch STUNNING art by Henry Flint, in my book the ONLY artist for the job.
Just compare the above with the iconic below.
How great it would have been if they went with the original plan of having the strip in Prog 1, with this shot in colour on the back page?


Ade Salmon said...

I'd like to see this continue too - but only with Flint on art chores - he hit the right note of modern retro.


Mangamax said...

He certainly did didn't he? 8)
There's one other character i'd like to see him tackle from the early days, but i won't say just yet as i'm hoping one day he'll be able to do it for my "Someone Old, Someone New" project.