Thursday, 29 December 2011

Strip magazine issue 2

Finally got down to my local comic shop and picked up this latest issue.
Reading it, the oft-cited "we're filling a gap in the market" really does ring home and you're left wondering why on earth these anthologies were ever done away with.
So great to see not only new, original British strips, but also the championing of small press titles and, with this issue, local small stores.
Long may they continue.
Read-wise, of the new strips, "Recovery Incorporated" and "Age Of Heroes" are still tops but favourite, of course, is "Hook Jaw".
This is proving to be a multi-level, multi-pleasure experience as:
(A) We get to read the strip again
(B) We get to compare and contrast the two lettering styles
(C) We get to do ditto with colour or not.
Especially interesting this time for me as we've two of my all-time favourite panels from the strip.

This one i'd rate #4 on my list. Even reading it first time round, i recognised it for the copy of the photo that it was, it being an iconic shot used in pretty much all the books that were churned out in the wake of Jaws' success. Most publishers would i guess, if they were using it, would use it as is. Its a true mark of the bods in charge to come up with the outrageous notion of a diver swimming right into it. Would love to know how it came about - did the script say "diver swims into the maw" and Sola decided to use the image, or was he given the image after it inspired Mr Armstrong to write the moment.
It still is a fantastic moment in colour:

with the now bright white of the teeth really standing out. Only niggle is that if the speech bubble hadn't been moved then we'd see more of them. But can understand why it was done and it doesn't distract at all.
This is my #2 panel,a classic iconic moment - if you wanted to sum up the strip in one panel, this would do it:

I used to stare and stare at it for ages, horrified by the snapping limbs and stunned by the length of the beast compared to the bloke.

In colour, it still has impact, the red making it more so, but the colouring on the face has rather obscured the face, alas.
Still, a terrific read and can't wait for more.
None. Can we have some please?


Robert said...

Fascinating comparison - always loved that panel of the diver going into Hook Jaw's mouth. The colour, particularly the red, in the latter picture really seems to up the goriness. Hard to believe such a grotesque image was in a kids' comic in the mid 70s - makes you realise why Action caused the offense it did. Great post.

John Freeman said...
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John Freeman said...

Just for you, matey - a sneek peek ata Hook Jaw panel from STRIP Magazine Issue 3. Enjoy! :)

Mangamax said...

Why John, that's mighty nice of you - and an extended "AIEEEE!" to boot!
Cheers muchly!

Mangamax said...

... And i've just realised its a changed speech bubble - going from a really rather limp "Ah!", considering what's happening to the fella, to a much more appropriate "Aaaaieeee!", with maybe more E's than that.

John Freeman said...

Who says editors don't pay attention to their readers? :)