Monday, 6 June 2011

The return of Jesus Redondo

How nice it is to open this weeks Prog and see one of the classic artists from yesteryear making a return after such a long time away.
His style's changed somewhat, especially with regards faces - this one at the bottom looks more like Brett Ewins when he was doing Bad Company for the Prog.
But figurework and longshots are still the same, as in the panel directly above that porrait shot.
I've said it before, but Redondo is yet another one of those artists who're long overdue a re-assesment and to be given the credit and accolades they deserve.
In my opinion, the bloke was never better than on Starlord's Mind Wars:


The Bronze said...

Always thought he was particually good at drawing women.

HannibalCat said...

You're right about his work on Star Lord. Having just managed to find about half of them on ebay and rereading them, the art on Mind Wars remains the most consistently good throughout the comic's run, even moreso than Strontium Dog. And I love Ezquerra on that strip.

Anonymous said...

Big D said...

I'm rereading Mind Wars now and the art and storyline is consistently excellent.
I was such a big fan of that strip when I was a kid. It deserves more love.