Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Charley's War

Been doing this Blog for a while now and, of course, Charley Bourne should've been featured by now.
But, i dunno.
This is a very lightweight homage to the comics i grew up with and, while Charley was a part of that, such a tragic, honourable tale of the horror of that awful war just doesn't seem right.
How can i do an "Aieeee!" Watch on it eh?
Suffice to say that it was both Joe Colquhoun and Pat Mills' finest hours, a true classic - and something that should be a mandatory read in schools.


John Freeman said...

I'm working on Volume 7 of the Titan Books' collections of this at present - the strip reaches the period of the troop mutiny as featured in the controversial BBCTV drama 'The Monocled Mutineer'. Pat Mills will again be delivering his commentary and Steve White a background feature on the period covered.. It should be out in October.

Mangamax said...

Hey John - honoured to have you in here Sir.
Great news about Vol 7, which i'll be snapping up as soon as.