Monday, 18 January 2010

Top 5 Iconic moments - #2

Getting near the end now and its proving pretty hard to whittle it down to two. Should've done a Top Ten...
Anyway, i've pondered long and hard over what should be Number Two - Rat Pack perhaps? a Belardinelli or Gibbons Dan Dare panel? Some classic Baxendale or Reid comedy perchance? Maybe Warlord in all his medallioned glory talking to us Sprogs?
I've supurned them all for this here cover.
Not only is it a true classic, beautifully done but i've chosen it as (A) it gets across the tough as nails determination of the character, (B) it was unusual back then to see the hero so beat up, (C) and this is the main one, how brilliant it is to see robots and hardware that are JUST THERE. No explanation, no back story, no model numbers - just top notch designs, beautifully portrayed.
When i think of Dredd of the 70's and 80's its this tale and this cover that's brought to mind.
Which is why its here.

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The Bronze said...

My most iconic moment from this era is the Mike McMahon Cursed Earth centre spread of the Styrakosaur Dinosaur stampede as the Land Raider passes through Sauron Valley.Simply awesome,moving stuff.You can literaly feel the Thrillpower coming off the page.