Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Top 5 Iconic moments - #5

I'm sure we're all the same in that there are images from our comic reading childhoods that have stayed with us all these years.
I'm talking of snapshots from a strip that have real resonance and, in some cases, sum up what made the tale so special in just one image.
Been having a think about what are mine and have tried to boil it down to just five. And here's number five.
Hookjaw was nasty from the go but it wasn't until a few weeks in that we saw folk being despatched in manner other being chomped on. Here we have Pat Mills (really) have his stomach bitten out and his insides sucked out by a giant squid.
If that'd just been text i'd have been appalled but to actually SEE it was a huge shock and i came back to this episode time and time again to take in the horror (surely the aim of Action from the off).


The Bronze said...

Every page of Hook Jaw has resonance for me but the greatest is the final episode and the last page ''You dumb critter I'll get you yet, Arrrgh!!'' is probably my most iconic panel in comic history.

Mangamax said...

But will it be in my Top 5?..