Saturday, 28 November 2009

Best Of Battle - Major Eazy - and Koburn

A delve back into this really rather neat collection and the next strip up is Major Eazy.
I've spoken before about this guy on this here Blog and i stand by it, but here we get a few tales collected together and they're just brilliant - a graphic novel collecting all the tales together would sure be a "buy on day of release" product. So we get the introductory tale, one with Eazy postponing a battle so he can have a shave and one where he overules his superiors, deeming their choices a folly.
Great stuff. Rather irreverant humour alongside a subtle anti-war message makes this one of my favourite strips from that era. And the Ezquerra art has vastly improved on his early work on "Rat Pack".
As an aside, i read these tales at the same time as the collected "Cursed Earth Koburn" tales collected in the Ezquerra GN, written by Gordon Rennie. And its odd - while everyone at the time praised the notion of transplanting the character from WW2 to Dredd's world (and that's certaily the case with Carlos' brilliant updating), the personalities are really quite different.
Koburn has his own way of doing things, but does what he's told. Eazy doesn't give a damn and does whatever he wants to do. Only occasionaly does that fit in with what the authorities want.

Suprisingly, none.

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