Monday, 12 October 2009

Best Of Battle - at last

Stunned to actually find its finally out - waiting for its been like reading first run Miracleman all over again.
But, the waits worth it.
A bumper soft cover edition featuring a nice diverse selection of strips from the titles history,along with looks like nice informative introductory pieces, all other reading material has been put aside for now.
So expect ramblings on it quite a bit here.
I'll start though by just saying how nice it was to go into my local bookshop and see multiple comics.
I wish it, and the proposed solo collections, every success.
Titan i salute you.

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The Bronze said...

Yes,got it last week.
There are some mistakes in the introductory pages to each strips such as Mike Western referred to as Chris Weston and D Day Dawson credited to Colin Paige when most is Geoff Campion, Hill 109 stops short of the 6 episodes with only four where it says it is complete.
Still a really good collection, wish there was more.
Great to see Rat Pack,Darkies Mob, Johnny Red and Major Eazy all getting stand alone re-issues, though I hope we don't have to wait as long as it took to get this book out.