Sunday, 5 October 2008

Warlord - 31st January 1976

Blimey, haven't read any of these since they first came out. Can't remember much and, judging by this example, i don't blame myself.


Cliched plots, terrible scripts, worse art.

And what's with the limited colouring? Here's the only interior example (from the main strip. You'd think they'd made an effort art-wise wouldn't you?) - a red plane and a pink control centre. Why'd they bother?

The only strip i can remember liking was "Union Jack Jackson", which could've been in Battle, but its not much cop here. And the racisism is quite disturbing.

What a let down. Doubt i'll be getting more.

AIEEEE! COUNT: one singular GI "Aieee!"


Derek said...

The early years of warlord are a bit sketchy regarding quality. single colour wash colouring was a staple of DC thomson adventure comics in the 70's

I'd recommend getting copies from the 1980 - 1982 era when they had great artists like Ian Kennedy and Denis McLoughlin doing some nice work. The stories improve a little then too, especially Blitzkrieg Bomber and Kampfgruppe Falken

Mangamax said...

Ahhh, but that's outside of my '68-'78 bracket and my childhood. Thanks for the tip though - might get some anyway.