Friday, 5 February 2016

POW! annual 1971 - #2 - Magno

At Number 2 we have the story of Magno, and what an odd story it is.
Sandy Laker is going home to London after graduating at a northern university (totally unnecessary info, but what the hey) and finds a couple of masked guys breaking into his Dad's shop when he gets there.
He has a fight with them, sees them off, gets into a car chase with them,
with no explanation given then nor later in the story, a UFO appears, which shines a light on the two cars,
the cars crash, Sandy is picked up by a beam from the craft before his car explodes.
And finds he's become a human magnet.
And just accepts it - no ruesing on how he got the powers, where the ship came from, why it did what it did, nothing.
Instead he vows vengeance on the men who did his Dad wrong, who are apparently lead by "The Mask".
So he makes himself a natty suit, decides he's now MAGNO, and goes after the Mask.
The Mask indeed does wear a mask, but, again, no explanation is given to the why's of why he's like that.
And there follows a humdrum chase sequence once he's found the villains, topped in the Mask being captured...
but not unmasked.
And the story ends there.
If its true that these tales in the annual where try-outs for a set of on-going strips, it'd be nice to know that the origin of the UFO and the identity of the Mask would have been resolved.

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