Monday 2 March 2009

2000AD - Prog 68

Here we are then, a little bit of spare time to have a delve at random through my back issues box - and its one of the last issues before my school leaving end post is up.

Nice cover by Dave Gibbons but, of course, his Artie Gruber isn't a patch on the Belardinelli version seen inside.

Mach Zero is the lead strip and its one i really, really didn't like back then, even less so now. Despite here having some very evocative b&w art from the shockingly over-looked Mike Dorey.
Judge Dredd takes the colour centre strip and of course its a classic - both in story (the first flashback to the Judges taking over is here) and the art from the McMahon Droid.
But my favourite at this time, as i'm sure i said before, was the Lost Worlds saga in Dan Dare. Okay, some of the plots were a bit naff - and some of the script even naffer - but it was a lot of fun. Here we have the Space Fortress forced to land on a planet that seems to be peopled by folk decended from Pilgrim Fathers abducted by aliens (yes, really). Of course alls not what it seems and think its the next issue that they're revealed to be mind reading alien slugs. Lovely art by Dave Gibbons ,with this action spread being just stunning. How i'd love these two pages.

Death Planet. Hmmm... think i read it once when i bought it and never since. Nuff' said.

Inferno - Artie Gruber on every page, so i'm a happy bunny.

AIEEEE! Watch: A derivitive "Graieee!" in Death Planet.