Tuesday 6 July 2010

Hookjaw in the raw

With kind permission of owner and top bloke Rufus Dayglo, thought you might like to see a classic page from the strip in its original form.
Its a perfect example of why Sola was THE artist for me on Action: slightly caricatured to the gritty end of the scale humans, highly original gore scenes and bizarro notions - why are the hammerheads up in the air.
Forget Tharg. Back then, Hookjaw was "The Mighty One" and no mistake. And so was Ramon Sola.
If the proposed new stories do go ahead it does beg the question - what on earth can an artist do to top this in the shock stakes? Not much i reckon.

Saturday 3 July 2010

Hookjaw's swimming back?

My thanks to the Bronze for giving me the heads-up on the wettest baddie ever maybe returning.
If its done well, could be the most exciting comic event for a long time