Sunday 28 February 2016

Black Max & Adam Eterno triumphs

Great episodes of Max and Eterno in this issue.
Not much in the way of the cursed Wilson in "Black Max", most of the story given over to the brainwashing of a captured British airman by Max. Its terrific stuff, my favourite being the fantastic perspective shot, done almost in widescreen, giving it an almost cinematic feel to it.
And over with "Adam Eterno", the fella is tied to a sacred monument and is about to be pierced by a bunch of gold-tipped, American indian spears. What does he do? Pull the whole thing down on top of himself to have it act as a shield. Brilliant!


Peter Gray said...

Must get some Lion and Thunder comics...

Dale Brown said...

It would be really nice if some of the strips from Lion, Thunder, Warlord et al were reprinted. So much good stuff mouldering in the vaults.

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